February 4, 2016

Solvent based paver sealers.
There are many different names for the same product. Solvent based, oil based, Acrylic based, Xylene based.

So what is a solvent? A solvent directly translates to “Able to dissolve other substances”.
These types of sealers create a thin film that overlies the brick paver or travertine surface that was sealed, preventing any moisture from passing down through the sealant and into the surface.
Sounds great, right? Yes and no.
These types of sealants are great up north, where there is not a lot of ground moisture present. Here in central and south Florida however, we have a subtropical climate. Sub tropical climates are indicative of having high levels of ground moisture. That ground moisture permeates through the soil, into the aggragate material that your brick pavers or travertine is floating on, is absorbed into your paver or travertine surface and now is trapped under that thin film I talked about earlier. That film is a double edge sword. Moisture can n...

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