January 29, 2016

There is a chance that after a few weeks or months pass, a white haze may
appear on the surface of the pavers. This is known as efflorescence. It may
appear randomly or in certain areas, and will be more pronounced on dark
colored pavers. The white haze may give the impression that the color of the
brick pavers are fading. When wet, the white disappears and the color of the
pavers are enhanced. When they dry, the white haze reappears.

 Efflorescence is completely natural, and will disappear with time.

There is no reason to be concerned that your pavers are damaged or defective. The concrete pavers are experiencing a natural process. It is a condition in all cement-based products, as well as in many other paving products. But the condition will usually correct itself with time and exposure to the elements. Here in Florida it only takes between 2-4 weeks after installation depending on the season. The reason it is season dependent will be explained in the next section.

The chemistry of eff...

January 28, 2016

Sealing your newly installed brick pavers prior to them having the opportunity to release any efflorescence that may be within each individual brick paver, that paver sealant can prevent the calcium carbonate to evaporate into the air, and the sealer will trap that white haze into the pavers. Leaving you with a very unsightly mess which will now require a costly stripping of the new sealant, chemical removal of the efflorescence, and correct re-seal using a high quality, commercial grade brick paver sealant like UreSeal H2o
Most reputable brick paver installation companies know about the efflorescence process, but will still offer brick paver sealing services in order to put a few hundred more dollars into their pockets. We have had our customers tell us that once the efflorescence was trapped under the sealer, brick paver installation companies will tell the home owner that it is a natural process and they are not...

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Should you have brick pavers sealed right after installation?

January 28, 2016

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