April 7, 2018

 Many of our customers request that 'High Gloss' look as their desired outcome from their brick paver cleaning and sealing finish. 

Most companies are not able to produce this finish without using a solvent based paver sealant. However, solvent based paver sealants WILL NOT effectively work in the state of Florida due to our subtropical climate, high water tables and excessive ground moisture - which turns the sealed paver surfaces white. That being said, most other contractors are not aware of this as there are just so few expericned companies that offer paver sealing. The majority of our competitors are pressure washing companie, than you also have the paver installer, who you would think are the experts, however most installers will either subcontract a company like Dura Guard Paver Sealing to seal their paver installs. Most busy brick paver installers in Florida will install 20 or so paver projects a year - and maybe 5 of those would get sealed. Some of the installers who att...

April 20, 2017

Project color restoration:: SUCCESS👍
This New Port Richey home owner was going to replace his faded, sun bleached grey, dingy pavers don't with new brown ones. Thankfully, he saved around $20,000 by having us add a permanent translucent tint to his brick pavers after our cleaning process today. We are the only company in the Tampa bay area using a permanent color tint to either enhance your faded brick pavers back to a rich, vibrant, full of life color, or change the color of your pavers all together !! This is a PERMENANT tint - meaning it won't fade away or wear off. 

Give the best brick paver sealing company in the entire state of Florida a call for a fast, free, no hassle quote at 727-218-4221 where we have our office team ready to take on your calls. 
Or visit us online at www.DuraGuardFL.com for a plethora of information on paver sealing and brick paver restoration. 
 Servicing Pasco - Hernando - Hillsborough - Citrus & ALL SURROUNDING AREAS!!

October 5, 2016

How to seal brick pavers and the best paver sealing process. Servicing the entire Tampa Bay areas including Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough & surrounding areas

February 4, 2016

Solvent based paver sealers.
There are many different names for the same product. Solvent based, oil based, Acrylic based, Xylene based.

So what is a solvent? A solvent directly translates to “Able to dissolve other substances”.
These types of sealers create a thin film that overlies the brick paver or travertine surface that was sealed, preventing any moisture from passing down through the sealant and into the surface.
Sounds great, right? Yes and no.
These types of sealants are great up north, where there is not a lot of ground moisture present. Here in central and south Florida however, we have a subtropical climate. Sub tropical climates are indicative of having high levels of ground moisture. That ground moisture permeates through the soil, into the aggragate material that your brick pavers or travertine is floating on, is absorbed into your paver or travertine surface and now is trapped under that thin film I talked about earlier. That film is a double edge sword. Moisture can n...

January 28, 2016

Sealing your newly installed brick pavers prior to them having the opportunity to release any efflorescence that may be within each individual brick paver, that paver sealant can prevent the calcium carbonate to evaporate into the air, and the sealer will trap that white haze into the pavers. Leaving you with a very unsightly mess which will now require a costly stripping of the new sealant, chemical removal of the efflorescence, and correct re-seal using a high quality, commercial grade brick paver sealant like UreSeal H2o
Most reputable brick paver installation companies know about the efflorescence process, but will still offer brick paver sealing services in order to put a few hundred more dollars into their pockets. We have had our customers tell us that once the efflorescence was trapped under the sealer, brick paver installation companies will tell the home owner that it is a natural process and they are not...

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