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New office location, now offering brick paver sealing product distribution!

Great news! On many levels!! In March of 2020, we purchased a 4,000 sq ft warehouse & office space. Formed a new LLC called "DIY Paver Sealing". This newly formed LLC and separate entity positioned us to cater to a new demographic of customers where we were not able to reach before. Those folks who choose to "Do It Yourself" as opposed to hiring a professional.

We are offering all the same products we use on our customers homes for sale to the people who would rather save a few hundred dollars and do it themselves. Previously, the professional grade products we use, were only available to certified contractors. Not available for the public to purchase. We identified that we at Dura Guard (the applicators) were missing a MASSIVE market of people who were physically capable to spend the day in the sun pressure washing, sweeping sand across the surface and applying the sealant themselves. Prior to that, Homeowners and those who are capable to "do it themselves" were forced to use the cheap products, that have the high failure rating that we are always stripping off, and restoring/removing. The paver sealant products that are available at Home Depot, Sherwin Williams, Lowes and other "big box stores" are not designed for Floridas unique, subtropical climate and carry a 100% failure rating in our state. This distribution avenue also allows Dura Guard to have access to wholesale prices when purchasing products from the DIY Paver Sealing store. Allowing us the opportunity to deliver the most competitive pricing in the industry.

If you would like to get this done yourself and save, visit our DIY Paver Sealing store at 13112 Spring Hill Dr. Spring Hill, FL 34609


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