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Customer Testimonials



I contracted Dura Guard Paver Sealing to clean, sand and seal our driveway and pool deck pavers after the owner of the company gave me an estimate that was not the cheapest we received of the 5 estimates, but the range's went from $400 - $3,200. We have a total of 2,150 square feet of pavers total. Their pricing was right in the middle of the companies we received quotes from. We chose Dura Guard because of not only their incredable before and after photos but they did things that NO OTHER COMPANIES did! Out of the top 6 companies that we called for estimates, none of them applied a weed/mold killer, polymeric jointing sand, 3 coats or a slip free additive. They were also the only company that offered a 3 year warranty. They were on time, professional and polite and did an AMAZING job restoring our old, faded, sun bleached pavers back to a vibrant, hydrated color with a great shine! It will be very easy to recommend Dura Guard Paver Sealing to my friends & neighbors.


Sara H.

Trinity, FL



PAVER SEALING, Brooksville, FL

We hired Dura Guard Paver Sealing to clean/sand/seal our big, 4,100 square ft paver driveway, walkway and carport pavers. 2 crews showed up the day we scheduled, litterally to the minute of the tiime they said they will arrive promptly at 8am. They did an outstanding job working quickly, while paying very close attention to detail. The owner, Nick, was on site not just supervising but also helping his crews with the cleaning process. The job was completed in 1 day as promised, driveway was steaked and taped off with caution tape and we paid them via check. 45 minutes after the crews drove away, a flash thunder storm swept through with no warning, and it down poured. Nick called me shortly there after and said he will come out in the morning to check and ensure the sealer held up properly. That evening, my wife removed the caution tape, and pulled into the driveway, bringing all the mud from the storm on to the pavers with her. Nick showed up in the morning at 9am as promised and brought to my attention that mud tire tracks were now sealed in with my pavers. Nick called a crew to come to our home, and within 20 minutes, they were stripping the sealer off of that portion of the driveway leading up to the garage. They cleaned and re-sealed that section within a matter of 6 hours. The owner, Nick, refused to take any additional payment from me and handed me a stack of business cards and told me "if you really want to pay me, pay me back by referring me to your neighbors". That type of customer service is rare these days, and within 2 days, he was back on our street, working for 3 of my neighbors. It was a treat working with Dura Guard, and I look forward to working with him in the future.


Andrew M.

Brooksville, FL




I own an autobody shop in Spring Hill. As business grew, we moved into a larger building. The owner of the company, Nick, attends my church and through fellowship at the church, I learned that he cleans roofs. The shingle roof on our new shop had unsightly and ugly black streaks going down the shingles, and mold growth all over the roof. Nick was able to give me a very fair quote right over the phone based off the square footage of the shop. He came out 2 days later and had our roof looking like new! The crew that was with him was able to do all cleaning from a ladder, which I was happy they didn't have to risk walking on the roof damaging the shingles or risk of them falling. They also used a non pressure cleaning method they called a soft wash that is gentle enough to not harm the shingles, but washed the mold and black off like it was nothing! And just as he promised, it looked EVEN BETTER the next morning when the morning dew had a chance to really activate the cleaning solutions they applied. Job well done, and I will surely be calling them in a few years if it needs another cleaning. 


Brian M.





We have a Barrel Tille roof on our 20 year old home. Since we purchased the house new back in the early 1990's we have never had the roof cleaned. We contracted Dura Guard in the past to do our paver sealing, which they have always done wonderfully, which he recommended we get our roof cleaned to not only increase the curb appeal, but lower energy costs and also informed me that it will help with my alergy to mold. The crews came out, uniformed, clean cut, professional and polite as usual, and did a magnificiant job restoring a 20 year old roof to what looks like it was installed yesterday! As always, overwhelmingly satisfied with the quality workmanship and attention to detail from Dura Guard, and look forward to not only using them in the future, but urging my neighbors to get their roofs cleaned by them too!


Susan E.




Our 500 unit condominium complex desperately needed 10,000 square ft of river rock cleaned, rapaired and sealed. This was a very large project. The owner, Nick came out, measured all 3 stories of the 4 buildings and got the exact square footage, 10,420 Square Feet. Which he was the last estimate we received, and the first to get the exact square footage. The closest was a company that was 400 square ft more. More square footage means more money for that company. 400 square ft is a large area to charge more for. Nick devised a very detailed proposal, which illustrated whiich areas were going to be cleaned on which days, he scheduled the job to be completed during thanks giving week while most of our residents were out of state with their famlies. They had a print shop print 500 3x5 cards with the schedule and information so the residents know what will be going on, and know what time and day to expect noise on their level and what times to remain inside during sealing. They distributed to each unit 2 weeks prior to the cleaning/sealing than again 500 more 2 days prior to them showing up. Dura Guard cleaned floors 3 & all stairwells on day 1, floors 2 & 1 on day 2 between the hours of 10am-4pm each day in order not to distrub any residents that were still home. They came back on day 3 at 2:30 AM to begin sealing, we are a 55+ complex, which means nearly all residents which may still be there, were asleep. It took 4 crews 3 hours to apply the 3 coats of river rock sealer which could be walked on 30 minutes after the last coating. They applied the sealer in the early hours of thanks giving day. They maintained a very high level of professionalism while interacting with some of the curious residents. They strictly stuck to their schedule, and had perfect results. After seeing Dura Guard's attention to detail, and quality of work, our property management company has since contracted them to do some of their other property projects


Barbra W.

New Port Richey, FL




We had a travertine pool deck installed by a pool company 2 weeks prior to Dura Guard sealing our travertine. Our pool builder asked us to not let any other company seal our travertine other than Dura Guard. They explained to me how dificult it is to seal travertine the correct way. We had Nick come out and give us a very affordable quote, he had a cancellation for the next day that we were able to secure. Nick's crew came out cleaned, applied a product to prevent weeds and mold from breaking through, re-sanded and sealed our travertine making the colors and the textures realy pop! We were very concerned that the surface will have a slippery finish, but Nick assurred us it will not, and he was right! Being the subject matter expert on travertine that he is, other sealing companies across the US have asked him to make a video on how to properly seal travertine, which is now on youtube. You can see for yourself how great my pool deck turned out. It is wonderful what he was able to do for us and we will hire him again in 5 years when it needs to be re-done.


Norman O.

Port Richey, FL


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