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Commercial Property Brick Paver Sealing


Our commercial brick paver sealing customers throughout Tampa and surrounding areas including (but certainly not limited to) Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, and Hillsborough understand the necessity of having their property's brick paver pool decks, brick paver entryways, and brick paver walkways cleaned of slippery and unattractive mold, mildew and dirt, to ensure a safe paver surface for their customers, community residents, and business patrons. Oftentimes, communities can earn a resident's home purchase simply by the communities amenities, and there is nothing more deterring than a moldy community paver pool deck for residents to put their feet on! We also will always apply extra "Shark Grip" non-slip additive on all commercial projects to ensure a slip-free finish even in the highest traffic areas!
In addition to the safety benefits  - nothing can make a beautiful paver hardscape have an award-winning appeal than a high-quality commercial grade paver sealant to restore faded brick pavers from dry and dull, to have rich and vibrant contrasting colors with a slip-free lustrous shine!

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Commercial Brick Paver Sealing

​Why should pavers be sealed?

Brick pavers today are mostly made of concrete, which is a porous material, susceptible to all kinds of staining and marking. Oil, grease, and rust are very difficult to remove from unsealed pavers because they are so easily absorbed. Unsealed pavers retain water for long periods, creating an ideal situation for mold and mildew to grow.


  • Protects against the intense Florida sun and other natural elements.

  • Protects Brick pavers from oil, rust, and other stains

  • Inhibits weed growth, insect intrusion, and mildew.

  • Enhances the look of the pavers, and adds curb appeal and value to your business or HOA community.

  • Provides Structural Integrity by locking the paver jointing sand in place.

  • ALL IN 1 DAY PROCESS! Using commercial-grade paver sealants, we are able to clean, apply inhibitors, re-sand & apply 3 coats of sealer ALL IN THE SAME DAY! Giving you less downtime to have residents and patrons back in the community pool or vehicles and customers back in your entryway or vehicle unloading zones!

​Dura Guard Paver Sealing Process

This short video illustrates not only the level of attention to detail our crews bring out to every job, but also the additional benefits we offer that other companies cannot, for the same price or often less than the competition. We are also the only company using a weed & mold inhibitor as well as the only company in Pasco, Hernando and Hillsborough counties that applies 3 coats of commercial grade paver sealant on every job!


  • Thorough power washing

  • Weed & Mold inhibitors

  • Specially blended, paver specific sand

  • 3 HEAVY coats of commercial grade paver sealer

  • Non-slip polymer additive on 3rd coat

  • 3 year warranty with years beyond of durability


Why choose us over a competitor?

As far as commercial work is concerned - We are the go-to brick paver sealing company for the city of New Port Richey, the city of Brooksville, almost every major property management company in the Tampa Bay area, many homeowners associations, and many business and restaurant owners as our precision quality of work, high-end equipment, and multiple crews/equipment/assets to service any size job (up to 60,000 sq ft of pavers able to be cleaned and sealed each day) we are able to provide our commercial customers with the best results possible while maintaining flexibility to adhere to any schedule required to get the job done without being an inconvenience to customers, residents or patrons.

It seems like nowadays, your lawn guy, pool guy, handyman, and neighbor claim they will or know how to seal your brick pavers or know how to seal your travertine surfaces for you. There is an art to properly sealing brick pavers. For years, we have been perfecting this art - resulting in thousands of satisfied cutomers. No other company in Pasco County, Hernando County Hillsborough County, Citrus County, Pinellas County, or the surrounding areas in Florida clean and seal the high volume of brick paver sealing we do - which directly translates to Dura Guard Paver Sealing being the most experienced brick paver sealing company in Florida.

Nearly 1/3 of our work is brick paver restoration. Brick paver restoration is best described as when a homeowner or landscaper seals their brick paver driveway or pool deck themselves or has another, less experienced brick paver sealing company, paver installation company, or handyman, without the experience, apply a brick paver sealant on their brick pavers that has to be stripped and re-sealed. This usually runs 3x the initial cost of what it would have been for us to seal your brick pavers correctly, the first time. Stripping failed paver sealant off brick pavers is a very labor-intensive process that requires expensive chemicals. Don’t risk it, your handyman, painters, or even most brick paver installation companies don’t have the level of experience, product knowledge, or expertise we do. A lot of brick paver installers will encourage sealing your brick pavers immediately after installation which will put an extra few hundred dollars into their pockets. That is the only benefit to immediately sealing pavers after a new brick paver installation, more money in the brick paver installers pockets. We highly discourage this, as oftentimes, the efflorescence process, which typically requires at least 3 weeks to run its course here in Florida (depending on the season of installation) can leave a white “haze” over the pavers, which if sealed after installation, the brick pavers will need to have the sealer stripped, the efflorescence issue chemically treated, then re-sealed. Again, the cost of this process is typically 3x the initial expense of what it would have been if you had our experts conducting your brick paver sealing job.

Estimates are always free, you have literally nothing to lose by filling out an online request for a free estimate form or by calling our experts to come out and give you a no-hassle estimate at 727-218-4221.

95% of our paver sealing estimates are able to be given based on a satellite imagery program we pay to use, which combines 7 different imagery programs that updates every 4 months, which allows us to take EXACT square footage measurements of your paver driveways or brick paver pool decks and patios. Even allowing us to see up to 20ft underneath overhangs!      This makes our overhead expenses lower as we are able to give an average of 50 precise and exact quotes a day with this program - which would take a team of salesmen, earning salaries, driving insured vehicles that suck down gas, giving you a 2-hour time block like most companies schedule for their estimates and will either show up late or not at all - leaving homeowners frustrated... We hear it every day!
You have nothing to lose at all to get a quick quote! Most quotes will be emailed to our customers within an hour of request with a very detailed description of our process along with links to all of the products that we would be using.


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