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Hernando County, FL


Roof Cleaning in Hernando County FL and brick paver sealing in Hernando County FL

Hernando County is known as the Nature Coast. Where the residents and visitors can come to enjoy the outdoors, scenery and landscape. We can easily enjoy whats already beautiful, but what about those surfaces of yours that have become ugly? Like moldy brick paves riddled with weeds, or ugly black streaks on your roof? Call the outdoor surface experts at Dura Guard for all of your brick paver sealing and shingle roof cleaning, tile roof cleaning and metal roof cleaning needs.

Brick paver sealing and safe, non pressure roof cleaning should not be looked at as just another “power washing” job. Nor should it be performed by just anyone. Brick paver sealing and safe Roof cleaning will add instant curb appeal and can save thousands of dollars as opposed to paver or roof replacement. As properly cleaning, re-sanding and sealing pavers can bring them back to a better than new state, An average roof can be cleaned for a small fraction of the cost of replacement, which often times, isn't nescessary.
Dura Guard Paver Sealing is Seal 'N Lock certified, which means we are not only qualified to seal pavers, but we carry a certification from the largest paver sealing distributor in the US, which is also manufactured right here in Tampa FL! So we also get to support our local economy with every purchase of their awesome products!

Dura Guard Paver Sealing and roof cleaning is a Roof Cleaning Institute of America Certified professional that specializes in a technique called soft washing. Soft washing utilizes disinfecting detergents that are designed to kill organic growth such as moss, mold, algae and other bacteria, leaving the roof 99.99% sanitized.

Residents and businesses owners in the Hernando County area understand the value of a clean exterior.   They also understand that a well-maintained property will have an increased property value, compared to a property that has not been maintained. For this reason, many Hernando County residents trust Dura Guard to keep their properties looking their best.


Some of the areas we mostly find ourselves at around the county is, Spring Hill, Timber Pines, Hernando Beach, Pine Island, Brooksville, Homosassa and all along county line rd and Cortez Blvd.


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