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Citrus County, FL

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Brick paver cleaning and sealing in Citrus County FL

Citrus county Citrus County was first occupied about 10,000 years ago and settled about 2,500 years ago by mound-building Native Americans who built the complex that now forms the Crystal River Archeological Site. The site was occupied for about 2,000 years. Why the complex was abandoned is currently unknown.

Citrus County was created in 1887. The Citrus County area was formerly part of Hernando County. It was named for the county's citrus groves. Citrus production declined dramatically after the "Big Freeze" of 1894-1895: today, citrus is grown on one large grove, Bellamy Grove; additionally, some residents have citrus trees on their personal property.

The first library in Citrus County was founded in 1917 in Inverness. Other branches opened in Floral City in 1958, and Hernando Florida in 1959, as well as the freestanding Crystal River and Homosassa Libraries. These libraries joined together to create the Central Florida Library System in 1961. Beverly Hills Library opened in 1970 and joined the Central Florida Library System. A Special Library Taxing District was created by the voters in March 1984 In October 1987, the Citrus County Library System was established which allowed the county residents to administer their own system.

Often times, when sealing brick pavers, sealing concrete and sealing travertine in citrus county, the main cities we find ourselves in are: 

Crystal River FL Paver sealing

Dunnellon FL Paver sealing

Floral City FL Paver sealing

Hernando FL Paver sealing

Homosassa FL Paver sealing

Inverness FL Paver sealing

Lecanto FL Paver sealing

Beverly Hills FL Paver sealing

When we are sealing brick pavers in Citrus county, we typically find ourselves in the citrus county communities of:


Citrus Hills FL Paver sealing

Sugarmill Woods FL Paver sealing

Pine Ridge FL Paver sealing

Riverhaven Village FL Paver sealing

Meadow Crest FL Paver sealing

Black Diamond FL Paver sealing

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