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What sets Dura Guard Paver Sealing apart from all the other businesses who offer paver sealing services near me?


This is a question that we find our potential customers asking us often. It is encouraged to get multiple quotes so customers can compare apples to apples. Know exactly what the paver sealing company is offering, and their process, reputation, warranty, qualifications, experience, knowledge, and so on.

Paver sealing is all we do. We do not offer a huge menu of services. We are specialists. we specialize in hardscape cleaning and sealing (pavers, travertine. concrete, shelloc) This is ALL WE DO. every single day. 

Our equipment is the best of the best. We invest heavily in our equipment to ensure all trucks in our fleet are always outfitted with the top of the line equipment and upgrade to all new equipment annually to always have new, dependable machines that change with the cleaning industry technology. 

All of our techs have platinum-level certified paver sealing institute technicians. This is the highest training available which certifies our techs to all be field instructors for other companies. This means y our customers are not just hiring a company owned by someone who knows what they're doing or has a fast-talking salesman, but knowledgeable and experienced paver sealing experts are arriving at their homes to provide the best paver sealing services the industry offers. 

We have a fully stocked armament of chemicals and products on each truck that will be able to remove any stains, rust marks, oils, vehicle fluids, efflorescence, old failed sealant, and just about any other imperfection or impurities from your paver, concrete or travertine surface. We like to say, "if it can come clean - we will get it clean"

We also use the Innovative Concrete Technology line of sealants. They manufacture the very best, commercial-grade sealants available for purchase. This line of products was originally developed for very high-traffic areas. We use this sealant at residential homes to provide the very best, most durable finish available. These products are developed in Lakeland Florida, designed specifically for Florida's very unique, subtropical climate with a lot of ground moisture and extreme UV ray output.         We apply 3 HEAVY coats of this paver sealant when sealing any brick paver or travertine surface.

The silica sand we use is the most premium paver jointing sand option to use when re-sanding paver joints prior to sealing. This sand is crushed and ground-up quartz screeded to a 20/30 medium. This paver silica sand hardens solid as concrete once sealed. 

While most companies offer a 1-year manufacturer warranty, we offer a solid 3-year warranty that protects you and the investment you're making into your pavers. Rather than referring you to some big box store, nationwide manufacturer that will do nothing for you if there is a product or workmanship issue, you can call us with any warranty questions you have, and a Dura Guard supervisor will handle all warranty issues on site. 

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