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Playground Sanitation





Don’t put your children at unnecessary risk of harmful contaminants on dirty playground equipment.  Dura Guard offers a safe and effective cleaning method to remove the contaminants and sanitize the playground equipment at your home or commercial property.

There are many unsanitary, dirty places that we would never think of allowing our children to play in or around because of the presence of bacteria, mold or disease causing germs.  Places that frequently come to mind are public restrooms and other high traffic public areas.  A children’s playground is certainly not considered one of these dirty places, or is it?

Recent studies conducted by the Journal of Environmental Health, have come to the determination that as much as 44% of a playground’s surfaces tested positive for contaminants such as feces, urine, mucus, saliva and other blood borne pathogens. Surprisingly enough, the same tests conducted found that only 25% of public restrooms contained the same contaminants.

Based on these findings, it is safe to say that playgrounds can harbor a number of bacteria that can harm children.  These harmful contaminants can be eliminated when playground cleaning and playground sanitation is performed on a regular basis.

At Dura Guard, we take the task of providing playground sanitation services to Pasco & Hernando County seriously and want to provide a sanitary environment where your children can play safely without being exposed to harmful contaminants.

Our playground sanitation services are designed to enhance playground safety, while keeping equipment in “Like New” condition, and reduce your exposure to liability. 

Playground equipment is often a substantial investment and should be properly cleaned and maintained to add years of function and endless hours of entertainment to children of all ages.


Why Sanitize?

Dura Guard  is one of the only authorized companies in Pasco & Hernando County, Florida that specialize in cleaning and sanitizing playground equipment for the county parks and recreation departments, making us the most experienced professionals in the industry for our service counties, also servicing both residential and commercial settings.  Using state of the art equipment and a soft wash cleaning method, we will eliminate the dirt, mold, algae from your playground equipment and more.


Call the professionals at Dura Guard to discuss your playground cleaning and playground sanitation needs in Pasco & Hernando Counties (727) 218-4221

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