Concrete Tile Roof Sealing

There are plenty of positives to having a tile roof, including the great look that they offer. However, they are also well-known as being a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Even if you have your roof cleaned on a regular basis, the mold and mildew will come back soon after. Rather than fighting this battle on an ongoing basis, have concrete tile roof sealer applied to your roof after we provide our tile roof cleaning services and mold and mildew will become a thing of the past.

The porous surface of your roof tiles is basically an invitation for moisture to soak in and sit in the capalaries. Once the roof tiles have moisture inside of the pores, there will be nothing to stop mold and mildew from developing on the roof tiles. The goal is keeping the moisture out of the tiles in the first place and that is exactly what you can expect our concrete sealers to do for you.

By creating a super-hydrophobic surface on the roof tiles, water will have to go somewhere else because it won’t be able to make its way inside of the pores of the concrete tile. That means that mold and mildew will have no water to help them grow, so they won’t grow on your roof at all. Our product is guaranteed for 10 years because we are so confident in what it can do for you and your tile roof.

Keeping all of your hard surfaces clean is important around the house or the office, but perhaps none is as important as the roof. For one thing, the roof is usually the hardest part of any property to clean. By applying a concrete roof sealer, you can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for maintenance on the roof.

Depending the design of the building, the roof is likely one of the most-visible elements. To keep it looking great over the years, you will want it to always be clean and clear of mold or mildew. The only way to do that is to have it cleaned regularly or to apply a concrete tile roof sealant. Since there is a significant cost that comes along with cleaning the roof, Sealing is the easy choice.

Not only will you save money in the long run after applying a concrete tile roof sealer, you will also reduce the damage that is done to your roof through repeated power washing. Consistently walking on the roof and spraying it with a high pressure jet can take its toll, so reducing the frequency of this operation is a great idea. Thanks to tile roof sealers, you can keep your roof clean and stay off of it all at the same time.

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95% of our paver sealing estimates are able to be given based off a sattellite imagery program we pay to use, which combines 7 different imagery programs that updates every 4 months, which allows us to take EXACT square footage measurements of your paver driveways or brick paver pool decks and patios. Even allowing us to see up to 20ft underneath overhangs!      This makes our overhead expenses lower as we are able to give an aveage of 50 precise and exact quotes a day with this program - which would take a team of sales men, earning salaries, driving insured vehicles that suck down gas, giving you a 2 hour time block like most companies schedule for their estimates and will either show up late or not at all - leaving homeowners frustrated... We hear it every day!
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