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Roof Cleaning

Did you know, your roof is not dirty at all, it’s infested. Infested by tiny microorganisms that are dining on your roof like an all you can eat buffet. These algae, molds, mildews and bacteria are actually decomposing the surfaces they are growing on. Nature uses these tiny microorganisms to break down larger objects into smaller items eventually becoming part of the soil. This is called decomposition. Your roof and other surfaces around your property are being attacked and decomposed right before your very eyes.

Dura-Guard uses a safe, non-pressure, soft wash roof cleaning method which ensures safe, damage free results. We use a specific solution as per the guidelines of all major roofing manufactures. We have top of the line equipment capable of applying our asphalt shingle and roof tile cleaners and  detergents without ever stepping a foot on your roof, risking breaking tiles or damaging your shingles which would also increase your liability risk as a home or business owner with a contractor atop your slippery roof. We will protect all surrounding plant life as well as leave with every home down spout collection containers to catch any additional run-off from the next mornings dew! We will also use a catalyst agitator to augment the effects of our chemicals to provide your roof with a cleaner finish, for a longer amount of time.

We specialize in Asphalt shingle roof cleaning, Membrane roof cleaning, flat tile roof cleaning and barrel tile roof cleaning, steel roof cleaning and metal roof cleaning. Also TILE ROOF SEALING!
Get your tile roof sealed and it will come with a 10 year mold free warranty and protect your roof for a lifetime! click HERE for more info!

We are a family owned and operated exterior cleaning business. For years we have earned the reputation of being one of the most respected exterior cleaning companies servicing the Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas and Hernando county Florida area!

Estimates are always free, you have literally nothing to lose by filling out an online request for a free estimate form or by calling our experts to come out and give you a no-hassle estimate. If you still insist on sealing your pavers yourself, feel free to call us for professional advise and guidance along the way.
95% of our paver sealing estimates are able to be given based off a sattellite imagery program we pay to use, which combines 7 different imagery programs that updates every 4 months, which allows us to take EXACT square footage measurements of your paver driveways or brick paver pool decks and patios. Even allowing us to see up to 20ft underneath overhangs!      This makes our overhead expenses lower as we are able to give an aveage of 50 precise and exact quotes a day with this program - which would take a team of sales men, earning salaries, driving insured vehicles that suck down gas, giving you a 2 hour time block like most companies schedule for their estimates and will either show up late or not at all - leaving homeowners frustrated... We hear it every day!
You have nothing to lose at all to get a quick quote! Most quotes will be emailed to our customers within an hour of request with a very detailed description of our process along with links to all of the products that we would be using.
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