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Brick paver stripping and sealing in Hillsborough county, Florida.

Here's another big one. 8000 square ft brick paver driveway and 2000 sq ft brick paver Pool deck (Total of 10,000 sq ft) another brick paver sealing contractor sealed a year ago, using a cheap, solvent-based brick paver sealant. These types of sealants act as a very thick coating that goes over the top of the brick paver surface rather than soaking in to the pores like a penetrating brick paver s...ealant would do. This thick coating does not allow the ground moisture that we have here in Florida's subtropical climate to evaporate out of the brick Pavers once that ground moisture has permeated through the ground soil and aggregate material the brick pavers float on. You can see that the moisture that gets trapped underneath that type of sealant becomes white and cloudy (refer to "before photo" on left). The only way to remove that white cloudiness is to have a brick paver sealing company like Dura Guard Paver sealing perform a very expensive, labor intensive costly stripping of the failed paver sealant and reseal the brick pavers correctly, with a good brick paver sealant. We use Seal N Lock Paver sealer, the best brick paver sealant on the market. This is the second home in this community that we corrected the same contractors mistakes. He did a total of 11 homes in this prestigious community just outside of Tampa Florida. We have already provided 6 other estimates to homeowners in this community who have the same issues because of that contractor (Who I know well and is no longer in business under that name). Florida is very lenient on licensing requirements for contractors, especially in the pressure washing industry. Making it very easy and legal for a company to start up in the spring time and close in the winter time just to reopen under a different name next spring like many dishonest contractors in this business do. Which is why it is so important to make sure that you are going with the bid provided by an established contractor who has a reputation that he wants to uphold. When you are looking for the best brick paver sealing company in Florida, servicing Pasco, Hernando, Hillsborough, Orlando, Bradenton, Sarasota, Citrus county, The Villages and all surrounding Tampa Florida areas, visit us online at or give us a call at 727-218-4221. Whether you need us to seal your residential or commercial brick pavers, or if you need brick paver restoration where we need to strip and reseal another contractors failed project, we are the best in the business. See More


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