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New Shop Construction

It was March of 2020, the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic that we moved into our new warehouse, storefront, office & shop on Spring Hill Drive, in Spring Hill Florida. Than, BOOM! Pandemic hits. To my surprise, we were considered an 'Essential Business' and were granted permission by the state to continue our business. Through practicing social distancing with our clients, daily tempature checks, weekly covid 19 testing, no contact interactions with our clients and requiring employees to wear masks while in close proximity of one another during their drives to and from our projects, and scheduling each truck to arrive at our shop to prepare for the day in seperate 15 minute time blocks apart from eachoter, to limit contact with one another, we were not only able to stay working during the entire pandemic, but we had our greatest year ever. We were able to expand our company 2 additional teams in 2020.

Having a storefront where we could sell the professional grade paver sealants, we were able to reach a new demographic of customer we werent able to reach before - the DIY folks who had the capabilities to try to tackle this project on their own, and otherwise didnt have access to the products the pro's use - we opened DIY PAVER SEALING LLC out of our new storefront! This opened up a new revenue opportunity for us, and we were able to help a lot of people get their pavers in tip top shape. In addition to that, we were now able to privately label the great products we were already buying from another retailer, and we were now able to get our expensive sealers, and chemicals directly from the manufacturer at wholesale costs. Saving us tens of thousands of dollars each year. A savings we were able to pass on to our customers, and really take the paver sealing industry by the horns, allwing us to deliver the best products to our customers at the most affordable rates.

Our growth was so rapid after we moved into our new shop and developed new orgazinational systems and mantenance schedules for our equipment, everything was running like a fine swiss watch. We were not only able to expand our operations of our teams being able to service more homes, but we needed to expand our office staff abilities as well. I was able to hire 2 additional rock stars to our office team, CiCi & Megan.

June of 2021. Just a little more than a uear after our aquisition of our 4000 sq ft warehouse, & 1500 sq ft office space & storefront, we already outgrew that space. We had to secure an additional office space a few doors down Spring Hill Drive, and opened another office at 13216 Spring Hill Dr. This is when i realised - I do not want to be in this situation again. So we secured land and broke ground on our new warehouse and office in October 2021.

We aquired 4 parcels of land, just shy of 50 acres in total, and began construction on our newest, bigger loaction. Built to suit our current scale, and with enough space to support our future growth. We will always have the space to build additional parking for more vehicles or equipment if needed, as well as a 40,000 sq ft asphalt parkinglot that will be thick enough to support even the heaviest deliveries of paver sealants, sand deliveries and chemical deliveries! We are building a 24 car garage thats made up of six bays with 12 x 12 roll up doors, that can fit 4 cars per bay or 3 full size trucks with space to spare.

Above that is a 3,820 sq ft space that will be our office area and training space with classrooms for our employees and other contractors who attend our Brick Paver Sealing Institute classes where we train and certify other contractors who are either already in the business and want to learn all of the in's and out's of the indusstry, or new contractors looking to get into the industry.

Construction is still in its early stages, and we are all excited to continue to progress into our new space. Ideally we will be in our first level shop area by August of 2022, and we will continue our construction on the office & training center with a target completion before the end of the year. Enjoy a few of the current progress photos as we continue our journey to building a better future for Dura Guard Paver Sealing LLC.


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