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Cleaning & sealing the concrete floors in Whitney & Sons fish processing facility

Since 1972, Whitney & Sons Seafood in Hudson Florida (Pasco County) has been not only a staple to the commercial fishing industry on the Gulf coast of Florida, but providing fresh, Gulf of Mexico caught fish to the Pasco, Herndndo, Pinellas county & entire Tampa bay area resturaunts. Also, since 1972, the floors of where they gut, clean and process these fish has never been professionally cleaned. The owners of the processing center understood and recognised the need for a professional deep cleaning of the area, and chose to have the concrete sealed to prevent any further contaminates from getting caked into the capalaries and pores of the concrete. They contracted Dura Guard Paver Sealing to clean and seal their concrete. after 46 years of boots squishing fish guts into the surface every single day - We were able to get the surface as clean as it would possibly come - and get it sanatized and sealed. They can now rinse any contaminates directly into the floor drains without the worry of any further staining or bacteria growth. for 10 years.... Yeah, a whole decade! Weather you have an auto shop, warehouse, residential garage, commercial property or fish processing facility, we can get your concrete surface cleaned & sealed to resisit any future dirt, oils and grime. 727-218-4221

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